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Light and Shadow
"I was delighted with the quick turn-around for the piece I submitted. I was trying to work out some difficult passages... I found the input so helpful, that I used the service again the very next week for another piece I was performing."

Heidi, Pianist

How does it work?

Start by filling out the form here. 

Upload a recording of you playing your piece (or section of a piece) and your sheet music. One of our critical ears will get started right away listening to your recording and writing personalized feedback. You should expect an invoice to your email address from PayPal within 24 hours. Once you have paid the balance, you will receive an email with your feedback attached.  


Soloist: $3 per audio minute + $3 processing fee.

Ensemble: $4 per audio minute + $3 processing fee.

A flute being played near sheet music.

Frequently asked questions

Who listens to my recording?

One of our knowledgeable musicians will listen to your recording. Everyone who works for Musicians Gradebook has at least a music degree and 10 years of teaching experience in addition to performance experience. We have consultants with a variety of musical expertise to give you the best feedback based on your instrument.

What kind of feedback can I expect?

Our knowledgeable musicians can offer all kinds of feedback:

  • notes

  • rhythms

  • dynamics

  • phrasing

  • style

  • tone production

  • even technical advice unique to your instrument.

You will receive a PDF of their notes as well as an audio recording where they further explain their feedback. All feedback is subject to human opinion. There is no set number of suggestions you will receive. You can find a feedback example here.

How do I pay?

Payment is through PayPal. You will receive an invoice to your email with a link to pay after you submit your recording. PayPal accepts debit/credit cards and direct bank transfers. Payment plans may be available.

My recording won't send

You may have more success sending two separate recordings. Or you can email your recording and sheet music directly to

Does my recording need to be perfect?

No. We recognize the effort you are putting in to learn your music. We can offer valuable feedback even if you still have some areas for improvement. Let us help you on your performance journey.

Do you have other questions or concerns? Contact us at

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